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Watch out for Prescription Drug Abuse

Pain medication is for making life better, but it has somehow managed to make things worse. There is overwhelming evidence showing how people are addicted to pain pills and potions. This is what causes so many deaths after opioids overdoses. It is therefore important for people to know more about prescription drug abuse, to safeguard themselves and understand what they are getting into. Here is more about them.
A prescription drug is one whose concentration is high enough to warrant a written note from a doctor before a pharmacist can dispense it. They are normally categorized as opioids, depressants, or stimulants. Opioids are prescribed when you need pain relief and management. Depressants are what you get for anxiety relief and sleep disorders. Stimulants are recommended for treating ADHD. These drugs work well when your progress is monitored, and you use as per instructions. But danger sets in when you take medication that is not yours, you take it not as instructed, you take it for its psychoactive effects, or you mix it with alcohol or other drugs. There are certain scenarios that paint a better picture of how bad things can get.
It is reported that 275 million people used drugs in the world last year. A large percentage of these people used opioids while another chunk used opiates. You will see that a significant number of them had opioid use disorder, and others were even looking for illicit heroin. Those who were not looking for such illicit sources abused their prescribed opioids to achieve that high.
There were reported 70,237 drug overdose deaths in the country, where a large portion of those figures were the youth aged 18 to 24. They reported on the ease with which they could get those opioids illegally. 2 million people here are addicted to prescription opioid pain medication. Such addiction has led to deaths which over time have more than doubled. When you think of where we are heading, the future looks bleak. The abuse of these opioids is motivated by diverse factors. There are those who wish to get high, others who want to focus as they study, to sleep better at night, or to deal with anxiety. There is a lot of misuse going on among them. Should you want to know if your child is one of them, you need to read more here on what to look for.
As the authorities are still looking for a lasting solution, you can take certain steps to prevent such abuse. Always check on the side effects of prescription drugs. Keep medication safely locked away from your kids. There is a need to always confirm whether a prescribed drug is a must to have. If you think their actions were wrong, talk to a medical negligence lawyer.
These cases should have you more aware of what could go wrong.